Our clients say the nicest things!

“The results are natural and long lasting and she takes her time and is gentle so I have never had an issue with bruising or discomfort.

I was referred to Lani about nine years by the owner of a salon who spoke very highly of her and I have been a regular client ever since for various procedures.

I began with electrolysis work on my eyebrows and bikini line. Lani takes pride in her work and takes it seriously. It shows in the quality and cleanliness of her equipment, as well as in her precision, patience, professionalism and caring approach. After being happy with the final results of eyes and bikini I added underarms, full bikini and lower legs. She uses a combination of laser and electrolysis depending on the coarseness and color of my hair in a particular area. We are just about finished and I could not be more satisfied.

Lani also has an amazing doctor, Dr. Laura, who works with her in her office. I started seeing her for botox over five years ago and found her to be much better than the plastic surgeon I had been using the year prior. A few months ago I decided to try fillers and have been thrilled with her work. After all these years of being a happy client I feel I can recommend both Lani and Dr. Laura wholeheartedly!

“I've been coming to Lani for years! My eyebrows are amazing and all those little annoying hairs are gone! She's patient, knowledgeable and the hair STAYS gone!

“I first went to Laser by Lani 18 years ago and it was the best decision I ever made.

I had a hormone imbalance that caused me to get not only facial hair and severe hormonal acne. My face was a mess and I had been to several electrolysis technicians and two dermatologists and my face wasn't getting any better. It was getting to the point where I didn't want to leave my house at all. My face was actually starting to show scarring from the acne and ingrown hair.

A friend recommended Laser by Lani and I decided to give it a try. Right away after the first visit I noticed a difference. Lani was not only a more skilled technician, she seemed to really care about helping me. Within just a few visits she had completely cleared my face. She was even able to eliminate the scarring over time with laser resurfacing treatments.

I have had several other procedures done by Lani including fractal laser resurfacing which eliminates scarring, tightens skin and reduces pore size, laser hair removal on my bikini line and permanent makeup on my eye brows and eyes. Everything I have had done there, I have been ecstatic with the results.

Lani is very professional yet she makes you feel comfortable right away. I noticed that she has state of the art equipment and even offered procedures that other spas didn't offer. She has a beautiful office just off the 101 in tempe and her prices are very reasonable.

Today my skin is perfect and I can honestly say that going to Laser by Lani has had a more positive impact on my life than any decision I have ever made. I will never go anywhere else.

“Thank you Lani you are making my life much easier. Comfortable place, perfect handling and wonderful result.

“Lani is "Thee" best kept secret in Arizona. She is quite literally "the laser goddess" and I humbly kneel before her every 6 weeks.

She is extremely passionate about her work, knows what she's doing ESPECIALLY with dark skinned girls like myself, she uses the right, high quality equipment, her office is always relaxing and sanitary and she is an absolute JOY to be a around. I actually hesitated writing this review because I didn't want everyone flocking to her booking up all her free time lol but she absolutely deserves it and you absolutely won't regret it. I started with a simple chin treatment and now I'm on a whole body plan lol. Her service and skill are incredibly addictive.

“I cannot say enough good stuff about Lani's Med Spa!

Although I have been seeing Lani for electrolysis for years, today I had a new experience: I had botox and fillers done by Dr. Laura. Dr. Laura is AMAZING!!! Dr Laura is WONDERFUL! I will NEVER go to anyone else for these services. Dr. Laura is gentle, kind, professional and thorough and my results are better than I have ever had.

I have no bruising. I hardly felt the pin pricks and they are so tiny I do not need makeup to cover them up. Immediately after my appointment I am not self conscious to go out, as you cannot see the signs that I have had injections. I LOVE this place!!!

“From the first time I spoke to Lani on the phone I knew she was the right person to work with.

She is gentle and kind and never makes you feel bad about having hair in places that are not socially acceptable. After starting electrolysis treatments with her my face and neck look a thousand times better and my skin is absolutely glowing! The results have far exceeded my expectations. I'm so glad I found Lani! She has made me feel beautiful again.
Amy D.

“I've been going to Lani for a while and she is always laughing and smiling. She makes you feel comfortable right away. She has great prices and you can tell she cares a lot. I wouldn't go anywhere else!

“Wow! What an amazing experience with excellent results. I came to see Lani after trying another facility with very little results. Very affordable as well. Highly recommend.

“Lani is a saint!

I've been seeing Lani for electrolysis on my neck an lower face region for about 4 years now. I was extremely self conscious about my hirsutism ever since I was in college but never felt comfortable finding the help I needed.

With Lani, I know I'm in the best hands. She has given me something I never thought I'd feel: freedom from my secret hairy face. I love Lani so much, she's the most competent and I know I can trust that she's going to make me feel like a million bucks when she's done. Don't think twice just do it! Definitely worth it because it's been one of the best things I've ever done for myself.

Thank you LANI!

“Love Lani and her services! Very relaxing and comfortable environment.

Lani is very caring and makes great efforts to make my experience as comfortable as possible. The laser can be painful at times but manageable. I highly recommend going to Lani for laser treatment.

“My relationship with my legs has been forever changed and I no longer have to wear capris or pants in the summer to hide irritation!

Went to Lani for years from everything to legs to eyebrows. She is extremely friendly and compassionate when it comes to your challenges with hair removal.

I get complimented frequently on my eyebrows and recommend her often. She worked a miracle on my legs too but those are less obvious to people.

If you are on the fence about calling her, my advice is to call her sooner than later to just understand what she can do for you. I promise if you go through with it you will enjoy any irritation being gone/healed!

If Lani or her practice is around when my daughters are in high school, I will send them to her as I don't want them to go through any embarrassment as I did when I was their age.

“Excellent for laser, electrolysis. Been going there for years & never disappointed. Massages by Tasha are also fantastic. Best I've had. Environment is relaxing and comfortable.

“I've been coming to Lani for years! My eyebrows are amazing and all those little annoying hairs are gone! She's patient, knowledgeable and the hair STAYS gone!

“I have used Lani for electrolysis for the last 8 years. She is professional, reasonably priced, convenient, and good at her job! I am happy to recommend Lani and her staff!

“Lani is fabulous!

I have gone to her for years for electrolysis hair removal. She is very personable, and very competent. I have been to many people for various hair removal, laser and electrolysis, and I love Lani. I highly recommend her!

“I started with electrolysis on my eyebrows and have received countless compliments on their shape. What makes it even better is that I don't have to wax or tweeze ever again!

Because I was so thrilled with her skilled vision, I had Lani do my eyeliner permanently and I absolutely love it. Lani is so meticulous and artistic. She achieved a beautiful, natural and enhancing effect that goes perfectly with the other makeup that I wear. I am now seeing her for my third area of treatment, for laser hair removal, and I recommend her without hesitation to any of my clients and friends. She is talented, artistic, professional and definitely worth the visit!

“Lani took the time to listen to my needs, and more importantly, level-set my expectations for how long treatment would take.

I've been a client of Lani's for about four years, and I am so grateful to have found this little slice of heaven. She is so kind, and her focus is on her clients needs. Other places I've tried feels like I'm just a number in a cog. Lani is a true professional who is dedicated to craft, passionate about her clients needs, and dedicated to creating a caring atmosphere. Lani is the best!

“Lani is amazing! Affordable prices & flexible scheduling. Lani is great at what she does. After years of being self conscious about unwanted body hair Lani has turned that all around for me.

“The entire service was so peaceful and relaxing I didn't ever want it to end.

Having sensitive skin makes me nervous about getting facials. A friend recommended Erica so I decided to give her a try. The products she uses are so light and clean your skin ends up looking positively radiant. I already booked my next appointment and can't wait to do it again!
Amber M.

“Lani is so skilled and knowledgeable. She truly caters each service to her client's specific needs! She took extra care and consideration of my skin tone and I'm so happy with the results!

“Her office is relaxing, and you will feel like a friend.

I have had laser treatments and electrolysis done by Lani. I have been seeing her off and on for about 8 years. I had laser treatments done to my bikini line.

If you have gone anywhere for a consultation on laser, they will tell you how many treatments they anticipate it will take based on your hair and skin. Her treatments were effective in the amount of visits she said it would take, which means that the cost was what I had anticipated. I appreciated that greatly.

I also saw her for electrolysis. It was effective and eliminated my problem. After I got pregnant, my hormones went out of control, and I again had a problem. I went back, and she fixed it. She is wonderful to work with because she is easy to talk to and takes care of you. Her office is relaxing, and you will feel like a friend. I have appreciated her so much and know that anyone that sees her will appreciate her work.

“Hospitality and good vibes are 100 % assured.

I had a phenomenal experience visiting Lani on my 5th visit. I have started Laser Treatment as well for my underarms. I was taking Electrolysis for underarms for a long time however Lani guided me to switch to Laser only for underarms for rest of areas  i am still continuing Electrolysis. She did Electrolysis on one arm and Laser on other. And yes i saw a difference.

Lani takes amazing care in doing treatment. Its always very warm and relaxing session. Thanks Angel Lani for bringing radiance in my life through your work and words and advise. It feels amazing. I always come home happy after visiting your office.

“I highly recommend her to anyone considering laser and/or electrolysis. Thanks for doing great work, Lani!

I've receive laser and electrolysis treatments at Laser & Electrolysis by Lani and have been very pleased with the results. Not only are the results excellent, Lani is professional, experienced, thorough and caring.

“Lani is the best in her trade!

I have been going to Lani on and off since 1994, starting with electrolysis and now experiencing her laser work. We have worked on various parts including breasts, lip, eyebrows, underarms, and now the bikini area with outstanding results.

Lani is always warm, caring and sensitive to each of her clients needs. Over the years I have referred my friends and family to Lani and now, even my children are going to Lani for their unwanted hair needs.

“I had Lani do my eyeliner and full lips 5 years ago. She did an amazing job and I love waking up knowing that getting ready is already half way done.

It still looks great. In fact, I was having my makeup done recently for an event, by a makeup artist of over 20 years. She noticed that I had permanent eyeliner and lips, and gave the most amazing compliment any one in Lani’s field could receive. She told me that in her 20+ years of work as a makeup artist, that my permanent cosmetics were BY FAR the absolute best she had ever seen. I confidently refer anyone interested in permanent cosmetics to Lani. I am so glad that I found her and wish everyone could be taken care of as well as I was.