Hair Restoration

LaseMD for hair restoration with KeraFactor®

What is Hair Restoration?

Using the LaseMD thulium laser, we create microchannels evenly throughout the scalp. After we treat the scalp with the laser, we then massage the KeraFactor® serum into the scalp’s newly created microchannels. The proprietary KeraFactor® serum contains bio-identical growth factors and proteins which work in conjunction with the LaseMD to reach dormant and damaged hair follicles. This combination increases the effectiveness of absorption by 5 times, resulting in a very effective, virtually painless, non-surgical treatment option for the restoration of hair.


Quick facts on hair restoration with LaseMD and KeraFactor®:

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Men and women of all ages with thinning hair can benefit from KeraLase treatments!

After preconditioning the scalp with the LaseMD laser, we immediately apply the KeraFactor® serum to the area to promote healthier, stronger, thicker looking hair. Typically, the treatment protocol recommends one treatment session every two weeks, six treatments total. In order to enhance the overall results of the treatment, it is recommended to apply the KeraFactor® Serum at home each day between treatments.

Though results vary, improvement in scalp health and an increase in the appearance of hair density and thickness may be visible within 3 months when following the prescribed treatment protocol. The majority of patients continue to notice improvement over the following 12-18 months, though your technician may recommend maintenance therapies. We cannot guarantee a response for every patient.

Skin acts as a protective barrier to keep microbes, toxins, and other foreign substances out of the body and defends our internal tissues from injury. While the fatty acid shell that surrounds the KeraFactor®  growth factors enhances the absorption into the skin, the skin’s natural barrier function is resistant to penetration of topical products. Lutronic’s KeraLase optimizes the absorption properties in the scalp by creating microchannels in the skin that allows the serum to penetrate into the epidermis and upper dermis of the skin deeper than by using the product alone.

The KeraFactor® formula provides the necessary nutrients to promote improved scalp circulation for healthy, natural-looking hair. Transplanted hair follicles can gain tremendously from the serum as it helps them thrive by improving microcirculation. Plus, the hair already on the head will continue to thicken, giving it a more natural, blended appearance.

Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) is a painful treatment in which blood is drawn from the client and then spun in a centrifuge to concentrate the blood’s platelets in the plasma. The procedure involves injecting PRP into the scalp and/or applying it to an area of the skin. While evidence has shown success with this method, it can produce inconsistent results since this treatment relies on the growth-stimulating nutrients (known as growth factors) available in the clients own blood in order to stimulate hair growth. The efficacy of the PRP treatment declines if a client has a deficiency in any of the growth factors necessary to promote hair growth.  Unfortunately, many of the clients experiencing thinning hair do have a deficiency in one or more of these growth factors.   Additionally, one of the common growth factors found in blood may block the transition of hair follicles into the new growth phase, actually inhibiting growth. In contrast, KeraFactor products include a proprietary formula with high concentrations of bio-identical growth factors and skin proteins specifically customized for people with thinning hair.

This proprietary formula combines multiple growth factors and skin proteins that stimulate cell growth and increase blood supply to the hair follicle.  These ingredients are encapsulated in nanosomes which are small, spherical shells of fatty acids that enhance absorption through the skin. This highly concentrated, one-of-a-kind formula targets common deficiencies that cause hair loss and poor scalp health. Other topicals, including Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP), contain only a fraction of the growth stimulating ingredients that the KeraFactor® serum includes.  

These ingredients, called growth factors, include proteins and polypeptides that stimulate the growth of certain cells and tissues such as hair follicles and blood vessels. Cells require these nutrients to assist in the process of replacing old cells with new ones. 

The KeraFactor® Solution and Shampoo are color safe and safe for all hair types.

The KeraFactor® Scalp Stimulating Solution delivers essential growth-stimulating nutrients (called growth factors) and proteins into the scalp that promote significant improvement in scalp health and vascularization, leading to hair revitalization. Each highly concentrated bottle of KeraFactor® Scalp Stimulating Solution contains the proprietary KeraFactor Peptide Complex (KFP™). KFP™ includes 7 polypeptides, carefully selected growth factors and skin proteins to promote hair and scalp health. This patent-pending complex helps to “turn on” weak or resting hair follicles, improve scalp circulation, and add nutrients to help produce thicker, longer healthy-looking hair.

The KeraFactor® Stimulating Shampoo and Conditioner exfoliates and stimulates the scalp to enhance scalp circulation by combining a unique selection of conditioners and growth factors. Continuous use of KeraFactor® products will reinvigorate the scalp, helping create healthier hair that appears fuller, healthier, and has more body.

Evidence shows that results may be maintained for up to 18 months after ceasing to use KeraFactor® products. After clients complete the recommended series of treatments, we recommend that they continue using the take-home Solution in order to maintain results. Usually, an in-office maintenance treatment is recommended at 6-12 month intervals depending on clients specific needs.

People who currently have or have been diagnosed with skin cancer on the scalp should not use KeraFactor® products without their physician’s approval.

People with an active infection on the scalp should not be treated with KeraFactor® products until a physician determines the infection has cleared and it is safe to begin treatment.

Patients with certain hair follicle scarring should not use KeraFactor® products, as these forms of hair loss are due to underlying processes which may not be amenable to the treatments and have not been tested or evaluated.

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