Incontinence & Vaginal Laxity

It's no laughing matter!


BTL EMSella™

A revolutionary, nonsurgical and noninvasive treatment for incontinence for women and men. The first device of its kind that is FDA approved for treating urinary incontinence and vaginal laxity.

What is EMSella?

Quite simply, it’s is an electromagnetic chair. Some people call it a “kegel throne”. It uses a high intensity electromagnetic field similar to an MRI to activate motor neurons in the pelvic floor.

“I am in my mid-fifties and had been dealing with leaking for about 10 years.

I first noticed it when I rode a horse and was publicly mortified. After that the problem progressed until I couldn’t even sneeze without a small leak and knowing that kegels were the thing that would correct this situation, I always seemed to forget to do them on a regular bases. I was so excited to try EMSella and found that I noticed improvement after each session. Now I no longer fear sneezing or coughing in public. Goodbye pads!


Pelvic floor muscles insufficiently support pelvic organs and affect bladder control.


BTL EMSELLA effectively stimulates pelvic floor muscles with thousands of contractions per session.


Stimulation leads to regained control over pelvic floor muscles and bladder.

How it Works

What does the EMSella do?

The EMSella uses a HIFEM (High Intensity Focused ElectroMagnetic) field to stimulate and cause contractions of the muscles around the pelvic floor, strengthening the pelvic floor and surrounding tissues.

  • Delivers 11,200 kegels in one 28 minute session
  • Requires 6 sessions (2 times a week for 3 weeks)
  • Up to 95% of treated patients reported improvement in their quality of life
  • Can enhance sexual function making orgasms stronger
  • Treats stress, urge, and mixed incontinence
  • Nonsurgical, noninvasive
  • May be performed to your comfort level, either in your underwear or fully clothed


BTL EMSellaTM is a great option for women or men of any age who desire a solution for urinary incontinence and are looking for a noninvasive alternative to surgery.

A recommended treatment program is 30 minutes twice a week for three weeks.

There is nothing quite like it. The experience is unique. It feels as if the machine has taken over control of your pelvic region and is causing high intensity muscle contractions. Most women don’t mind it at all and some even say it is pleasurable. The intensity can be adjusted until the maximum level is reached.

You may observe improvement after a single session, but usually results will continue to improve over the next few weeks.

The pelvic floor is a muscle. Just like regular exercise keeps muscles toned and in shape for the other parts of the body, the pelvic floor muscles need to be worked as well. It is important to follow up with kegels at home and/or maintenance sessions with the EMSella when needed. Results will vary depending on age, weight, muscle laxity, severity of problem, and amount and type of exercise performed at home. Some people will be able to go six months or longer while others prefer to do regular monthly maintenance sessions.

Yes, significantly. Your provider will go over your options.
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