Permanent Cosmetics

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What is Permanent Makeup?

Permanent Makeup (also called Permanent Cosmetics and Micro Pigmentation) is essentially a tattoo technique: a process of implanting specialized pigment into a pre-determined area of the skin.

The most popular areas for permanent cosmetics are the eyebrows, eyeliner and the lips.  We offer the sought after microblading hair strokes, as well as the more traditional  “powdered” brows, which give a more filled in look, full eyeliner, top or bottom single eyeliner, and full lips including the lip blush technique, for a softer look.

The length of time your procedure continue to look fresh will vary, between 1 to 5 years depending on the type of skin you have, how much time you spend in the sun and pools, and which procedure you have had done. You will want to come in for what we call a ‘touch up’ as the color starts to fade to keep everything fresh looking.

“I confidently refer anyone interested in permanent cosmetics to Lani.

I had Lani do my eyeliner and full lips 5 years ago. She did an amazing job and I love waking up knowing that getting ready is already half way done. It still looks great. In fact, I was having my makeup done recently for an event, by a makeup artist of over 20 years. She noticed that I had permanent eyeliner and lips, and gave the most amazing compliment any one in Lani’s field could receive. She told me that in her 20+ years of work as a makeup artist, that my permanent cosmetics were BY FAR the absolute best she had ever seen. I confidently refer anyone interested in permanent cosmetics to Lani. I am so glad that I found her and wish everyone could be taken care of as well as I was.”

Who needs Permanent Makeup?

Permanent Cosmetics are immensely popular with a variety of women across many professions. The sheer convenience of retaining your made-up look without having to apply it every morning is a dream come true for most women!

Permanent Make-Up is the perfect solution for



Types of Permanent Makeup


Eyebrows frame the face. As we age, and sometimes due to medical issues and medications, we can lose some or all of our brows.  Brows can also be asymmetric and hard to manage! All of these issues and more can be corrected with micro pigmentation.

During our consultation, we will design your new brows with a brow pencil and make any adjustments to achieve the correct style for your facial shape and coloring. We then decide if microblading, which uses a very small ‘blade” to create fine lines that look much like a hair, or a softly powdered, more solid brow, done with a small hand held machine used to implant the pigment into the skin would be best for you. 

Say good-bye to drawing on brows every day!


They say the eyes are the “window to the soul”… but if your eyeliner is smeared and crumbly it can make the window look a little messy! It can become very difficult as we age to get a nice even line drawn on, not to mention the time wasted.

Imagine being able to run to the store, swim, play golf or tennis, wash your hair, sleep, travel without the hassle. Talk about freedom!

During a consultation, we will design with pencil the look you want. Upper and lower is most popular but you may only want it on the top or bottom.


Aren’t baby lips so perfect? Beautiful vermillion’s. Full, with lots of color. Very few of us keep that as we age. Over time, the vermillion shrinks, color fades and lips get thinner. Another issue is that most people’s faces aren’t symmetrical, so the lips can be higher on one side than the other and so on.

With micro pigmentation, your lips can be made to look fuller, the vermillion line can be shaped or enhanced, and you can have color again! Corrections can be used to give your lips a more symmetrical look.

Lightening, Removal and Correction

Tattoos don’t always stay the way you want them to. Tattoo pigment can sometimes change color when it is implanted, or wasn’t quite the correct color for your undertones, or, it didn’t heal to the nice shape you were after, etc. Luckily, we have numerous options at our disposal. 

Depending on the depth and color of the tattoo, we can either lighten or remove it. After it heals we can then redo the area with a correct color or shape. Not all color corrections need to be removed or lightened.

We use two types of removal. Saline, done with a tattoo machine or hand tool, and a newer type called Light Blade, which uses heat. We’ll decide the best option and pricing during your consultation.


Topical numbing creams and gels are used to keep you comfortable throughout the procedure.

Prices vary on each procedure and include one to two “touch ups” if needed at 8 week intervals. Please call to schedule a consultation.

At Lani’s, we know how to make looking good easier.

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